Sola Rotimi & The Triple 'S' Ministries

We are a nonprofit organization reaching the whole wide world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This Ministry was founded in 1972 by Rev. Rufus Olusola Rotimi in a little town called Jebba in Kwara State of Nigeria.

One of the biggest arm of the ministry is laid on propagating the Gospel of Christ through Songs, we go from hamlets to villages, towns and to big cities across the nation of Nigeria and into neighboring country of Dahomey now Republic of Benin conducting crusade and witnessing Christ to all.

We also embark on personal evangelism witnessing Christ on Train and Buses, on highways and the byways, Tub stations in London, Subways on Greyhound and on Amtrak in the US, also on tour to the Holy land in Israel through our VHS tape one occasion on tour bus from Jerusalem to Capernaum.

Sofia in Bulgaria also witness the touch of God as we minister the word in song accompany by the sound of accordion as one of our ways in ministering to the brokenhearted and the lost souls.

We believe in the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, hence our goal is to cover the Universe with the message of the gospel if our saviour tarries His advent.

Rome in Italy was another city as we explore the grace of God to minister boldly to souls in the land.

Germany also witness us ministering the word in song during our missionary visit to the land. We are now ministering in the US and still intend to embark on world tour soonest. Brethren don't stop praying for us as we covet your prayers. Together we shall make Heaven in Jesus Name.