Sola Rotimi & The Triple 'S' Ministries

Motto: He that wins souls is wise
Pro. 11:30

Sola Rotimi is a Gospel Artist and a Clergy.

He plays his wonderful instrument, the Piano Accordion, as a Soloist winning souls for Christ since the early 70's on Radio ELWA Igbaja now in Kwara State, Nigeria. He also took steps embarking on personal evangelism with great passion for the perishing souls doing early morning evangelism with his piano accordion. He also embarked on Train Evangelism, Bus Evangelism and at times, Plane Evangelism in the air. This has helped him reach many souls for Christ through his calling.

He has since travelled far and near to minister the Word both in songs and in sharing the message of the Cross to the world. Though he started ministration as a Soloist, he established his band Sola Rotimi & The Triple 'S' Ministries in 1972.

On July 17th 2020 (which is his birthday), Sola Rotimi will clock 50 years in Ministry and 70 years of age.

Sola Rotimi believes strongly that no one created by God that is a waste.

  • You are a STAR, the only difference is that Stars differ in Glory one to another.
  • You are Treasure and not Trash
  • You are created specially for a Special purpose
  • Never compare yourself to another person. You are unique.
  • Heaven is your limit, as the sky is too low for you to Soar to the greater Heights.

Sola Rotimi has taught many the act of playing the accordion and has helped others discover their talents while many were blessed through his soul inspiring songs and through his counseling. Sola Rotimi now resides in the States doing the Kingdom business and serving as the Senior Pastor and the Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, South Florida District Coordinating Council, Miami Florida, USA.

Sola Rotimi agrees with a saying of the wise that says;

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

As a visionary leader, Sola Rotimi encourages many not to give up on their vision

For the Fruit of tomorrow is in Today's Seed.